Majid Darabiha - Home Director

Majid Darabiha has been always interested in design. After his graduation as a civil engineer he always looked for a way to present his ceativity and combine it with the technical information that he had to make the objects that he made practical yet perfect. Majid, as a kitchen designer brings his experience and enthutiasm to Golshaah and brings to life the ideas that that used to be just sketches.

Golnar Ahmadian - Founder and Creative Director

Golnar Ahmadian has been always interested in fashion, but after her graduation as an architect she always thought fashion could only be considered a side hobby. She always had this dream to not choose between these two and finally after being the co-founder and designer of Lobat accessories, this experience gave her enough courage to give it a try. She studied fashion management and combined her education with architecture and fashion to create her dream job.

Golshaah started as an experimental project in 2019. It was a long time that Golnar wanted to start a project like this but she first thought Golshaah can be a start to her interior design projects and an artistic way to present her work. However, she couldn’t resist her desire to keep fashion and architechture away from each other and this approach started by posting daily looks and styling projects. After 9 months she launched her very first knitwear collection to learn about the difficulties and reality of what she was planning to do. Step by step all those experiences made her create a story for Golshaah, a lifestyle brand that shouldn’t be limited to anything and dare everyone to step in and experience the life the way that we see it. Majid Darabiha and Alessandra Salvati joined along the way to change Golshaah from a project to a lifestyle brand. Passion and enthusiasm were the very first elements that gathered our small team together and golshaah started to be something more than just a brand to us.